Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor Kit


Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor Kit


Battery monitor kit with programmable relay.  Measures voltage, current, capacity, and temperature.  Compatible with the Bluetooth Dongle and Color Control Monitor.

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The BMV-702 kit can be programmed to provide a cold weather charging disconnect for an AMS Essential Lithium Battery bank and a Victron inverter system.

BMV-702 Connection to Lead Acid Battery Bank
BMV-702 Connection to AMS Essential Lithium Battery Bank
BMV-702 Low Temperature Inverter/Charger Disconnect Detail

What you get:

1x    Victron BMV-702 Monitor/Programmable Relay
1x    Mounting Bezel
2x   Power Cables
1x    Communication Cable
1x    Shunt 50mV/500A
1x    Temperature Sensor
30'  Duplex-18/2 Cable
2x   4/0 Ring Lug 3/8"
2x   Black Heat Shrink 1.5" x 3/4"
1x    Black Heat Shrink 1/2" x 3/16"

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AM Solar Part Number:  60-VTBMV