Victron Essential Cold Charge Disconnect (without inverter/charger)


Victron Essential Cold Charge Disconnect (without inverter/charger)


This add-on kit is recommended for systems where batteries might reach freezing temperatures.  Solar and alternator charging sources can be automatically disconnected to prevent damaging cold weather charging.

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Wiring Diagram:

Cold Weather Disconnect (no inverter) Addition - Coach Configuration

What you get:

1x    RELAY-VTBP        BPR000100400  BatteryProtect 12/24V-100A
2x    SPLICE-18-BUTT-HS        18-22 ga. Butt-HS
1x    LUG-18GA-RING-BR        18-22 ga. Ring-Bare
1x    FUSEHLDR-MINI        Mini Fuse Holder & Cap
2x    FUSE-MINI-005A        Mini Fuse-5 Amp
1x    SPLICE-14-BUTT-SD        14-15 ga. Butt Step-Down
1x    LUG-10GA-RING-HS        10-12 ga. Ring-H.S.
1'    CABLE-2/0-1-BLK        Cable 2/0
2x    LUG-2/0-RING-3/8        2/0 Lug-3/8" Ring
2x    93H-B3/4        Heat Shrink Black 1.5" x 3/4"
2'    CABLE-18GA-1-BLK        18 ga. Black Wire
5'    CABLE-18GA-1-RED        18 ga. Red Wire
0.5"    HS-BLK-DWALL-3/16        Heat Shrink 3/16" Black

This kit will not function without the addition of a BMV-702 battery monitor kit:

Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor Kit

Battery monitor kit with programmable relay.  Measures voltage, current, capacity, and temperature.  Compatible with the Bluetooth Dongle and Color Control Monitor.

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AM Solar Part Number:  70-COLDDC