Looking for an Installer?

Looking for a high-quality installation but can’t make it out to Oregon? We have a wide range of dealers and installers across North America with years of experience installing AM Solar systems. Many of our dealers include off-grid electrical as an addition to their specialties. If you want AM Solar to design your electrical system but want someone with the knowledge to install it, we can match you with a local installer best fit for your design.

  • Which type of installer should I ask for?

    Traveling Installers – These installers travel throughout the country and install your kit where you are #vanlife. You can work with an AM Solar Sales Team Member, have your kit shipped directly to you, and then work with your installer to get your system up and running.

    Conversion Specialists – These installers specialize in full conversions from woodworking to electrical. If you need a top to bottom van conversion, these are the people to work with. They are detail-oriented craftsmen with the technical skills to install AM Solar equipment with ease.

    RV Dealers – We advise these installers on which kits they should use for their customers purchasing or upgrading their RVs at a dealership.

  • How does Tech Support work?

    The first line of support will always be the installer who physically installed the system. They are going to know best how the system can best troubleshoot any issues. AM Solar fully supports our dealer network, so installers can always reach out to us for any additional tech support needed on AM Solar equipment. Its often necessary to perform testing for any potential warranty issues, so we will work directly with the dealer to ensure that your equipment is properly tested.

  • Still don't know who you should work with?

    Please fill out our Quote Request Form and we will help you find the necessary support you need!

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