Phone: (831) 588-3148

May to October, Newport, Oregon
November thru March, Tucson, Arizona

Scott Harris has been a certified residential/commercial solar installer, and, since 2014, an RVST certified RV Technician. He is a full time RV’er. He has owned several RV’s over the years, currently traveling and restoring a vintage Beaver Coach. An AM Solar factory trained dealer/installer since 2016. He is passionate about designing systems to allow his customers to achieve their RV travel dreams.

Scott was a senior electronics technician at the University of California, where he designed and built electronic research equipment that has been to the North Pole, the South Pole, the bottom of oceans and up in space. He also ran the Apple Computer repair shop on campus, and retains his Apple certification. He is well known for his fine attention to detail and strong customer service ethic.

See his website for a more detailed itinerary.

In his spare time he has volunteered with Power to the People, traveling to remote Nicaraguan villages to install solar in schools and medical facilities. He is a professionally trained musician, playing his trombone, sax, and flute and has traveled the world playing Jazz and Classical music.