Lithium Battery System Accessories

The advantages of lithium battery banks are numerous:

Longer lifespan - 5 year warranty - Less maintenance - Does not require regular full charges - Does not need equalization - More usable capacity - High current output - Fast charging - Highly efficient - Smaller size - Less weight - Temperature resistant - No gassing - No voltage sag, etc.

To learn more about the advantages of lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries read our Batteries page.

We have been testing various Lithium batteries and their BMS (Battery Management Systems) since the Spring of 2011. During that time we have been studying the changing specifications of the lithium battery manufacturers and following the experiences of the electric car crowd until finally settling on a blend of components that works well in the RV environment.  

Lithium Battery Expansions

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90Ah Lithium Expansion

Add a 90Ah cell to an existing lithium battery bank using 90Ah cells.
H 9.9" x W 11.6" x D 6.7"  36lbs

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160Ah Lithium Expansion

Add a 160Ah cell to an existing lithium battery bank using 160Ah cells.
H 12.6" x W 13.3" x D 9.2"  73lbs

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200Ah Lithium Expansion

Add a 200Ah cell to an existing lithium battery bank using 200Ah cells.
H 11.7" x W 16.7" x D 10.4"  93lbs

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CALB Lithium Cells LiFeP04 3.2V/100Ah
124.00 185.00

New LiFeP04 3.2V/100Ah
Customer pick-up only
No returns, No tech support

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