Alternator Disconnect System


Alternator Disconnect System


Manually disconnect alternator charging to your house battery bank.  Ideal for Sprinter conversions.

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Wiring Diagram

What you get:

32'   2/0 Cable
1x    EV20 High Current Relay
1x    Class-T Fuse Holder
2x   300A Class-T fuses
1x    Mini Fuse Holder
2x   5A Mini Fuses
8x   2/0 Lugs-3/8"
3"   Black Heat Shrink 3/4"
9"   Red Heat Shrink 3/4"
1x   Wall Switch
5'   Duplex-18/2 Cable
1x  18ga Ring Lug
1x  10ga Butt Splice
1x  18ga Butt Splice
1"   Black Heat Shrink 1/8"
1x   Female Fast-on connector
2x  #10x1 PHP SMS Screws
4x  #10x3/4 PWP SMS Screws
2x   14-16ga Butt Splice
25'   Split Loom 5/8"
10x   11-5/8" Wire Ties
1x     10-12ga Butt Splice
10x   Screw Eye Wire Ties
10x   #10x1 SQ DR TEK Screws


AM Solar Part Number:  98-ALTCUT