DC Distribution Kit for AGM or Drop-In Lithium Batteries


DC Distribution Kit for AGM or Drop-In Lithium Batteries


This kit includes everything you need to connect DC loads to a battery bank. A BP65 prevents the batteries from be overly discharged.

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The Battery Protect is designed to keep your battery safe and only allows current to flow to DC loads on the output when the voltage is in a safe range. In systems with larger loads/ inverters, it may not be possible to both properly protect your battery and run demanding loads without having the Battery Protect temporarily disconnect DC loads. You can easily adjust the BP cutout voltage to meet your application from the Victron Connect app at any time to find that fine line between protection and not having nuisance tripping.  AM Solar is not responsible for misuse of the product resulting in damaged batteries.

Wiring Diagram
AGM Programing Guide

What you get:

15'    CABLE-6GA-2-GRY        Duplex-6/2
1x    FUSEHLDR-MULT    BLU5025    ST Fuse Block 6 Circuit
1x    BRKR-DC-BRKR-060A    BU-187060F-03-1    60A DC Circuit Breaker
1x    RELAY-VTSMB65        Batt Protect, Smart 12/24V-65A
1x    SWITCH-WALL    19-0213    12V Wall Switch, Chrm
2x    FSTSCW-612-SS        Screw-#6x1/2" PHP SS
4x    FSTSCW-834B        Screw-#8x3/4 OHP BLK OX
2x    LUG-18GA-FAST-F    30513    Female Fast-on 18 ga.
15'    CABLE-18GA-2-GRY    DWC 1802CMR    Duplex-18/2
6x    LUG-6GA-RING-3/8    LC6382-    6 ga. Lug-3/8" Ring
2x    LUG-6GA-RING-1/4    36071    6 ga. Lug-1/4” Ring
2x    LUG-10GA-SPD-8    32027    10-12 ga. #8 Block Spade-Bare
1x    OUTLET-12USB        12V/USB Outlet
10'    CABLE-10GA-2-WHT    MC10-2    Duplex-10/2 600V
6"    HS-RED-DWALL-1/2    HSDW12-2    Heat Shrink 1/2" Red
2"    HS-BLK-DWALL-1/2    HSHD12-0    Heat Shrink 1/2" Black (2x 1"pcs)
4x    LUG-10GA-DISC-F    32511    Female Disconnect 10 ga.


AM Solar Part Number:  98-DCDAGM