100W Complete Charger (Deluxe)

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100W Complete Charger (Deluxe)


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FEATURES:  Full digital monitoring with shunt provides Amp Hour precision, Expandable up to 400W, Multiple charge controllers can be added to the monitor for even more power, Advanced MPPT charge controller delivers approximately 20% more energy, Combiner box covers roof penetration and allows for easy upgrades, Temperature sensor protects battery health, Panel(s) can be tilted

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This is our most popular kit for putting solar power on a battery bank.  With the advanced MPPT charge controller and battery monitoring, this kit forms the ideal foundation for the serious power system.  Adding panels, a lithium battery bank and an inverter system will make it possible to run larger loads like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV, etc.  No matter how much solar you have, running a heater or air conditioner is not likely feasible.

What you get:

1x  SF100 Solar Panel with Accessories
1x  SunRunner Signature 25MPPT/6/PRO System Core
1x  Roof C-box
1x  Dicor Sealant

This system can be upgraded by adding up to three more panels and tilt bars.

Tilt Bar Set - 15.5" / 45°
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AM Solar Part Number:  99-100SIGMPP