Victron Complete Charger (30A)


Victron Complete Charger (30A)

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Communicates battery voltage and solar charge rate to a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth, Expandable up to 450W, Advanced MPPT charge controller delivers approximately 20% more energy than PWM, Combiner box covers roof penetration and allows for easy upgrades, Panel(s) can be tilted

Array Configuration & Wire Type:
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This kit that offers everything needed to put solar power onto an existing battery bank.  With the advanced MPPT charge controller and Bluetooth communication, this kit forms the ideal foundation for a small power system mounted to a metal roof.  Adding panels, a lithium battery bank and an inverter system will make it possible to run larger loads like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, TV, etc.  No matter how much solar you have, running a heater or air conditioner is not likely feasible.

*Zamp Wire kits use the wire harness that comes standard on Zamp solar panels.
*AMS 10/2
kits remove the Zamp cable and use a custom 10ga duplex round wire from the panel to the combiner box.
*Airstream specific array configurations come with AMS 10/2 roof cable and use half standard and half tall mount feet to accommodate the roof curvature.

Wiring Diagram

What You Get:

0-5x SOLAR-ZS98 Solar Panel Z100
0-5x SOLAR-ZS90L Solar Panel Z90 Long
0-2x SOLAR-ZS170 Solar Panel Z170

1-5x 91M-35MZ Mount Set - 35mm Zamp
1x 30s-VT-MPP-30A SunRunner Victron MPPT 30A
1-5x 93C-ZCBNR Zamp Plug & Strain relief for C-Box
1x 20-ROOF Roof Combiner Box
1-2x SEAL-SKF Sikaflex 221
1x SEAL-SLVL Dicor Self Leveling Sealant (for the combiner box)

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Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor Kit

Battery monitor kit with programmable relay.  Measures voltage, current, capacity, and temperature.  Can work with any battery type.  Built-in Bluetooth.  Compatible with the Color Control Monitor.

Monitor Dimensions:  H 1.3" x W 2.4" x D 2.4"
Shunt Dimensions:  H 1.4" x W 4.8" x D 1.6"
Cable Length: 10m

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Victron MPPT Control Kit

This kit provides a remote monitor with programming capability for Victron MPPT charge controllers.

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Tilt Bar Set - 15.5" / 45°

For tilting the SF100 and SP100 solar panels at a 45 degree angle for increased output in the winter months.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Dicor Sealant

Dicor protects the VHB tape from the elements.  Use it to seal around mount feet, cable management hardware and combiner boxes attached to roofs.

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Tilt Bar Set - 19.5" / 45°

For tilting the ZS170 solar panel at a 45 degree angle for increased output in the winter months.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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AM Solar Part Number:  99-VT0301x98, 99-VT0301x90L, 99-VT0303x98, 99-VT0303x90L, 99-VT0302x98, 99-VT0302x90L, 99-VT0301x981x90L