Smart Phase Selector

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Smart Phase Selector

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The Smart Phase Selector (SPS) is designed to control power flows between a 50A main panel, a aingle input inverter with AC pass-through/PowerAssist, a shore power connection, and a generator.  It allows both sides of the 50A main panel to receive power with a single inverter whether connected to a 50A shore source or not, within the output limitations of the inverter.  The SPS greatly simplifies the installation of an inverter system and improves the functionality of an RV configured for a 50A service.

Dimensions: H 4.5" x W 6.8" x D 9.4"

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The Smart Phase Selector is designed to work in conjunction with Victron Multiplus, Victron Quattro, or Magnum Energy MSH3012 inverter/charger kits. By installing our Smart Phase Selector box between the generator/shore transfer switch and the main AC panel, you no longer have to move AC loads in the main panel to accommodate the inverter’s limitation of only being able to handle one 120V 50A leg. The Smart Phase Selector will distribute inverter output to both sides of the main panel. Or, when plugged into a 50A service, the Smart Phase Selector will pass both legs from shore independently. When Inverting or plugged into 30A and smaller service, the Smart Selector will send power to both sides of the main panel, passing through the inverter. This allows power assist to function properly, preventing the shore breaker from blowing.

  • The SPS does not add any power to the system.  You are still limited by what shore power and the inverter can provide.  In other words, if you aren’t plugged into a 50A service you will not get 50A on line 1 and 50A line 2 that you can draw from simultaneously.  You aren’t going to be able to run two air conditioners from a single inverter while dry camping.

  • The SPS allows AC “PowerAssist” or "Hybrid" functionality on 50 amp RVs. This allows you to plug your RV into a 15A outlet and use power like you had 30 amps, allowing the inverter to supply the loads exceeding 15A from the batteries while preventing the breaker from popping. The same thing applies to 30A service allowing you to use up to 50 amps of power.

  • The SPS allows a 50A coach to have inverted power supplied to all outlets and AC loads.

  • The SPS simplifies the install removing the need for the AC panel to be completely rewired or having an AC subpanel installed.

  • The Smart Phase Selector has two modes of operation. When on 50A power (2-phase), The SPS will pass power from both legs allowing L1 to supply the inverter, the inverter to supply power to L1 at the main panel while L2 supplies the main panel directly.  On a 30A or less service (Single Phase), The SPS cuts off L2 at the input and supplies L1 power to the inverter which then supplies both legs of the AC panel.  In this scenario, your whole coach is limited to 50A max. You can pull 30A from shore and the inverter can supply another 20A from the batteries. This is regulated using the inverter system’s current limiter.
    When used with a single phase generator, the coach’s max AC output will be limited to 50A.

  • Most 12KW generators produce dual phase power which would allow the output to exceed 50A. In this scenario, the inverter can charge the batteries or drain them to assist L1 while L2 is supplied directly from the generator.

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Smart Phase Selector Description


AM Solar Part Number: 50-TSFMB1