Easy Start Kit

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Easy Start Kit


Easy start kits are typically installed on large air conditioning units where the start-up surge might overwhelm an inverter.

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What you get:

1x    INVASS-EASY        EasyStart 364 (3-ton) 115V
2x    SPLICE-10-BUTT-HS        10-12 ga. Butt HS
2x    SPLICE-10-BUTT-Y        10-12 ga. Butt 3-Way "Y"
2x LUG-10GA-DISC-F Female Disconnect 10 ga.
13"    TAPE-VHB        3M VHB Tape-4950
1x    BUSH-SNAP-5/8        Snap Bushing 5/8" ID
1"    TAPE-PUT        Putty Tape for Roof C-Box
2x    WIRETIE-07        Wire Tie 7-3/8"
4x    92C-RATT        Roof Attachment Point Kit


AM Solar Part Number:  98-EASY