30A Shore Power Charging Kit

98-CHG30 (AGM).png
98-CHG30 (AGM).png

30A Shore Power Charging Kit


This complete charger kit includes everything needed to charge your batteries with shore power.  Because a shore power cord and inlet are included, this kit is ideal for empty shell vehicles like van conversions and skoolies.

Battery compatibility: Flooded, AGM & Lithium
Charge current: 30A
Dimensions: H 13.8" x W 7.9" x D 4.3"

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Wiring Diagram (AGM)
Wiring Diagram (V4 Lithium)

What you get:

1x    CORD-30A-25-L        Shore Power Cord, 30A, 25' Locking
1x    OUTLET-30A-B        Power Outlet - 30A - Black
5'    CABLE-10GA-3-GRY        Stranded 10/3
2x    STRN-S-3/4    CHE2631    Strain Relief 3/4"
1x    BOX-MSB    053-00089    Midnite Solar Baby DIN Mnt Box
1x    BRKR-AC-DIN-277V/15A    053-03066    277VAC/15A DIN Mnt Breaker
2x    SPLICE-12-CEC    37025    10-12 ga. Closed End Crimp
5'    CABLE-14GA-2-WHT        Romex-14-2
1x    CHGR-VT-12/30    PCH012030001    Phoenix Charger 12/30 (2+1) Uin 90-265Vac/45-65Hz
1x    CABLE-VT-RJ45-5    ASS030065000    Victron RJ45 UTP Cable 5 m
1x    MONITOR-VT-PCC    REC010001110    Phoenix Chgr Cntrl/Monitor
7'    CABLE-6GA-2-GRY    14915    Duplex-6/2
1x    93T-NEG-6GA        6ga Negative Terminal Kit
1x    93T-POS-6GA        6ga Brkr Pos Term Kit
1x    93B-040A        40 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws


AM Solar Part Number:  98-CHG30