Magnum Energy MSH3012M Inverter Kit

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Magnum Energy MSH3012M Inverter Kit


This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Magnum MSH3012M inverter system.

Steady State:  3000W
5 Second Surge:  3900W
Voltage Output:  120V AC
Voltage Input:  9-17V
Waveform:  Pure Sine
Frequency:  60hz
Charger:  125A
Passthrough:  60A
Efficiency:  90%
Dimensions:  H 18.4" x W 12.7" x D 8.0"
Extra:  Hybrid

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Installation Diagrams:

DC Connections
Monitoring Connections
AC Connections
30A Passthrough Sub Panel Diagram
50A Passthrough SUPPORT Panel Diagram

What you get:

1x    INV-ME-MSH3012M        Magnum MSH3012M
1x    MONITOR-RC50        Magnum Remote ME-RC50
8x    LUG-4/0-RING-3/8        4/0 Lug-3/8" Ring
12'    CABLE-4/0-1-BLK        Cable 4/0
1x    STRN-S-11/2    Strain Relief 1-1/2"
6x    93H-R3/4        Heat Shrink Red 1.5" x 3/4"
2x    93H-B3/4        Heat Shrink Black 1.5" x 3/4"
1x    95F-CLST-400A        400A Class T Fuse & Holder
1x    FUSE-CLST-400A        Spare 400 Amp Fuse
1x    93S-MINI        Switch-Mini On/OFF with Screws
16'    CABLE-6GA-3-GRY        Stranded 6/3
1x    BOX-GESPBB-GRND        GE- 50A Sub Panel w/ Grnd Bar
1x    92C-WNUT        Inverter Wire Nut Kit
1x    BRKR-AC-SLIM-050A        GE Slim Breaker 50A
2x    BRKR-AC-SLIM-020A        GE Slim Breaker 20A
3x    BRKR-AC-SLIM-015A        GE Slim Breaker 15A

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BMK Power Harness

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Recommended Installation Tools:

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Hammer Crimp
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Heat gun
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Due to the delicate nature of the electronics and high cost of shipping, all inverter sales are final.  If there is a problem with your unit we can connect you with the manufacturer's tech support team to resolve any potential warranty issues.

AM Solar Part Number:  99-MS3012KIT