SureSine 300W Inverter Kit


SureSine 300W Inverter Kit


This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Morningstar SureSine 300 inverter system.  This inverter is ideal for entertainment systems because it is silent with no fan or moving parts.

Steady State:  300W
15 Minute Surge:  600W
Voltage Output:  120V AC
Voltage Input:  10-15.5V
Waveform:  Pure Sine
Frequency:  60hz
Efficiency:  92%
Dimensions:  H 8.4" x W 6.0" x D 4.1"
Extra:  Fanless

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Manufacturer's Manual

Wiring Diagram:

System overview

What you get:

1x    INV-MS-SS30012        SureSine 300-12
1x    93B-060A        60 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws
1x    93T-POS-4GA        4ga Brkr Pos Term Kit
1x    93T-NEG-4GA        4ga Negative Terminal Kit
8'    CABLE-4GA-2-GRY        Duplex-4/2
1x    FUSEHLDR-GLSS        Fuse Block for SureSine AC
2x    FUSE-GLSS-005A        5A Fuse for SureSine AC
1x    SWITCH-WALL        12V Wall Switch, Chrm
20'    CABLE-18GA-2-GRY        Duplex-18/2
1x    BOX-SGSB        Sngl Gang Shallow flush (blue)
1x    BOX-SGBC        1-Gang blank cover

Due to the delicate nature of the electronics and high cost of shipping, all inverter sales are final.  If there is a problem with your unit we can connect you with the manufacturer's tech support team to resolve any potential warranty issues.

AM Solar Part Number:  99-SS0300KIT