Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter Kit


Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter Kit


This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Victron Phoenix 1200 inverter system.  This inverter is ideal for refrigerators, laptops, entertainment centers and cell phone chargers.

Steady State:  1200VA
Peak Power:  2400W
Voltage Output:  110V AC
Voltage Input:  9.2-17.3V
Waveform:  Pure Sine
Frequency:  60hz
Efficiency:  92%
Dimensions:  H 4.1" x W 7.6" x D 12.0"

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Wiring Diagram

What you get:

1x    INV-VT-1200    PIN121220500    Victron Phoenix 12/1200-120V Inverter
4x    FSTSCW-1034Z    31350    Screw-#10x3/4" PHP SMS Z
4x    FSWASH-FLT-1/2    10NWSAZ    Flat Washer 1/2" OD- #10 ID Z
4x    LUG-2GA-RING-3/8    LC2381    2 ga. Lug-3/8" Ring
6"    HS-RED-HD-1/2        Heat Shrink 1/2" Red
2.5'    CABLE-2-1-RED    WC2-2    Cable-2 ga. Red
1x    95F-CLST-150A    FB1-150    150A Class T Fuse & Holder
1x    FUSE-CLST-150A    JLLN-150    Spare 150 Amp Fuse
4x    FSTSCW-101SS        Screw-#10x1" SQ DR TEK SS
1x    93S-MINI        Switch-Mini On/Off w/Screws
1x    SWITCH-WALL        12V Wall Switch, Chrm
2x    FSTSCW-612-SS        Screw-#6x1/2" PHP SS
2x    LUG-18GA-DISC-F    30711    Female Disconnect 18 ga.
20'    CABLE-18GA-2-GRY        Duplex-18/2

Due to the delicate nature of the electronics and high cost of shipping, all inverter sales are final.  If there is a problem with your unit we can connect you with the manufacturer's tech support team to resolve any potential warranty issues.

Visit the Victron webpage:  PIN121220500
AM Solar Part Number:  99-VT1200KIT