Multiplus Inverter/Charger Programming


Multiplus Inverter/Charger Programming


AM Solar will update the firmware and program the proper settings into your inverter before it is shipped to you.

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Victron Multiplus inverter/chargers must be programmed

To program a Multiplus inverter/charger you will need to have basic PC skills.  A Mac can be made to work, but not consistently.  We do not support Mac programming.  Your PC skills should include the ability to download files and programs, open programs, and connect to devices via a USB port.  You can read the programming instructions here.

Aside from the Multiplus inverter/charger, you will need the following:
• PC Computer (preferably a laptop)
• MK-3 to USB Adapter (Supplied with complete inverter kits)
• UTP RJ45 Cable (Supplied with complete inverter kits)
• DC Power supplied to the unit (This can be supplied by your house battery)
• Internet Connection (For downloading files, the programming can be done offline once the files are downloaded)

If anything above sounded potentially frustrating or completely outside of your abilities, AM Solar can pre-program your inverter for $100.  If you already have your inverter and find that you cannot program it, you can ship it back to us, pay the programming fee, and we will send it back to you, fully programmed.


AM Solar Part Number:  INV-VTPGM