SF100 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts

SF100 Kit 1000x.png
SF100 Kit 1000x.png
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SF100 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts


A more cost effective alternative to the SP100, this kit delivers the same wattage in a slightly larger footprint.

Wattage:  100W
Type:  Monocrystalline
Operating Voltage: 18.0Vmpp
Size:  47.4" x 21.3" x 1.38"
Frame:  Silver Anodized Aluminum
Connection Type:  Terminal Block
Mount:  Tilting (with optional tilt bars)
Mounted Dimensions:  50.05" x 21.30" x 1.38"

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Prepped panels in our panel kits have had the MC4 connectors removed in favor of more permanent butt splices that attach panel leads to our custom 10/2 round roof cable, which makes a weather-tight seal when entering a combiner box through a strain relief.

AM SOLAR SF100 Data Sheet

What you get:

1x    10-SF100        SF100 Solar Panel (Prepped)
1x    91M-35MS        Mount Set - 35mm
1x    92C-ROOF        Roof Wire Harness Acc. Kit
15'    CABLE-10GA-2-GRY        Duplex-10/2

Optional add-Ons:

Tilt Bar Set - 15.5" / 45°
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Dicor Sealant
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Roof C-Box
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AM Solar Part Number:  11s-TLT-SF100 or 11i-TLT-SF100