ZS98 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts


ZS98 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts


When the most experienced RV solar installer demands high performance, a narrow footprint, and accurate ratings, you end up with a 98W solar panel, custom engineered by Zamp, made in Bend Oregon, specifically for AM Solar customers.

Wattage:  98W
Type:  Monocrystalline
Operating Voltage:  19.5V
Size:  42.7" x 19.8" x 1.38" 15.0lbs
Frame:  Silver Anodized Aluminum
Connection Type:  Terminal Block
Mount:  Tilting (with optional tilt bars)
Mounted Dimensions:  45.0" x 19.8" x 2.6"

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High Performance:
By using 39 series connected cells, this panel has an operating voltage of 19.5V, which is slightly higher than the Vmpp of conventional 36 cell panels at 18V. This higher voltage gives a slight improvement in performance on MPPT charge controllers and is a better match for parallel connections to some of the new 180W panels. The higher voltage also results in less line losses on long cable runs with undersized factory pre-wires. Like all Zamp panels, the glass is AR coated and the frames allow for a wide variety of mounting options.

Narrow Footprint:
Conventional solar panels use four rows of 6” cells. But Zamp, with their manufacturing plant in Bend Oregon, is able to string odd numbers of rows to a junction box, allowing for three rows of 13 half cells. At 19-7/8” this panel more easily avoids shadows from air conditioners on motorhomes, allows for a wider variety of roof rack options on vans and fits better on curved Airstream roofs.

Accurate Ratings:
Zamp is very conservative in their panel ratings. They would rather have an underrated panel than a disappointed customer. When Zamp says the panel is rated at 98W, it will probably flash test closer to 105W. Because of the higher Vmpp and AR coated glass, this panel will deliver more amp-hours per day than a competitor’s 100W panel.

What you get:

1x SOLAR-ZS100 Solar Panel ZS100
1" TAPE-VHB 3M VHB Tape-4950
1x WIRETIE-BASE Wire Tie Base
1x WIRETIE-05 Wire Tie 5-7/8"
2x SPLICE-10-BUTT-HS 10-12 ga. Butt HS
0.25" HS-RED-DWALL-3/16 Heat Shrink 3/16" Red
6" HS-BLK-DWALL-3/4 Heat Shrink 3/4" Black
1x 91M-35MZ Mount Set - 35mm Zamp
1x 92C-ROOF Roof Wire Harness Acc. Kit
15' CABLE-10GA-2-GRY Duplex-10/2


AM Solar Part Number:  11s-TLT-ZS100