ZS170 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts


ZS170 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts


Using 6" monocrystalline cells, this panel is ideal for large systems where there is ample roof space.  Made in Bend, Oregon, United States Flash tested at 184W +/- 3%

Wattage:  170W
Type:  Monocrystalline
Operating Voltage:  18.00V
Size:  58.3" x 26.4" x 1.38"
Frame:  Silver Anodized Aluminum
Connection Type:  Terminal Block
Mount:  Tilting (with optional tilt bars)
Mounted Dimensions:  60.6" x 26.4" x 2.6"

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Zamp Solar - Manufactured in Bend Oregon

Prepped panels in our panel kits have had the Zamp connectors removed in favor of more permanent butt splices that attach panel leads to our custom 10/2 round roof cable, which makes a weather-tight seal when entering a combiner box through a strain relief.

Zamp uses tempered, low iron, 3.2 mm, AR coated(which stands for anti-reflective) solar glass.

The benefits include:
1. Increased efficiency of the solar panel by 3-5% compared to non-AR coated glass
2. Converts more light into energy at steeper sun angles producing more power in mornings and evenings
3. Easier cleaning as dust and dirt are repelled by this coating rather than trapped with traditional solar glass

The 3.2mm AR coated solar glass is specially designed for the encapsulation material of photovoltaic modules. The coating reduces the directional reflectance and increases the internal reflection so that the solar energy can be absorbed more effectively. It ensures the maximum transmittance of photons to the solar cells, thus increasing the electrical generation capabilities of the module. The glass offers high solar transmittance, low absorbance, low reflectance, superior physical strength and superior flatness.

Panel Features:
1. Ultra clear textured solar glass (photovoltaic glass) with superior light transmittance
2. High strength glass eliminations unwanted distortions
3. Ultra-white glass decreases the light reflection
4. Thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor

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What you get:


Optional add-ons:

Tilt Bar Set - 19.5" / 45°

For tilting the ZS170 solar panel at a 45 degree angle for increased output in the winter months.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Dicor Sealant

Dicor protects the VHB tape from the elements.  Use it to seal around mount feet, cable management hardware and combiner boxes attached to roofs.

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Roof C-Box
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AM Solar Part Number:  11s-TLT-ZS170, 11i-TLT-ZS170