Installation Summary

  • 440Ah 12VDC Lifeline GPL-4CT AGM Battery Bank Upgrade


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Date of Completion: November 17, 2023


System Details

Battery Type: Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle

# of Batteries: 2

Battery Ah Rating: 2x 220Ah

Battery Model: GPL-4CT


Lifeline GPL-4CT AGM Battery Bank Upgrade

Out with the old, in with the new! We replaced our client’s existing 12V AGM batteries with two 4CT Lifeline AGM batteries for enhanced performance and reliability. 🔋 #BatteryUpgrade #AGMBatteries


Future-proofing at its finest! With the Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 3000i, our client’s solar system can easily transition to lithium batteries down the road with just a simple reprogramming. 🔧 #SolarUpgrade #LithiumReady


Maximize your battery performance with the BMV-712 battery monitor kit! 📊 This versatile kit measures voltage, current, capacity, and temperature, ensuring optimal battery health. Plus, with built-in Bluetooth and compatibility with the Color Control Monitor, staying informed has never been easier. 💡 #BatteryMonitor #SmartControl