It can be very inspiring to see what our customers do with our kits.  The obvious planning, compact layout, and artistry of this installation are impressive.  Nice work Cliff.

Here’s what Cliff had to say about his experience:

My son came to me and said he wanted to live and work out of a van. He does 3D Computer Design work and I thought he is going to need a lot of power. We chose a used 2018 full size Ford Transit cargo van and 3 LG 360W solar panels. Not knowing much about how to complete the rest of the electrical system, I contacted AM Solar and asked if they could advise and sell me whatever else I needed. Their support was spectacular. They drew up a schematic showing all the components and how they are interconnected. They shipped all the components, included all the necessary wire and connectors immediately. I had several questions along the way, which AM Solar technicians quickly answered. It took my son and I several months to figure out how the electrical, propane, water and cabinetry all intertwined in the relatively small space. I wanted all the control switches accessible out the back door and a cabinet able to add more batteries if needed. After several layout design iterations, we came up with what we think is an effective and efficient equipment layout. My son and I now have a bonding experience that will last the rest of our lives, thanks to the great assistance of AM Solar. Cliff Gerber – July 2019

Major Components:
3x Battle Born GC2 Lithium Batteries
Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor
Victron Lynx Distributor
Victron Color Control GX Monitor
Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 Charge Controller
Victron Cyrix-Li-Ct 230A Alternator Charging Kit
Victron Multiplus 3000VA inverter/charger

AM Solar supplied connection diagram
AM Solar supplied connection diagram
Customer designed layout
Customer designed layout