Installation Summary

  • 500W Complete Solar Charging Kit


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Date of Completion: May 31, 2024

System Details

Solar Wattage: 500W

Battery Type:Lifeline AGM Deep Cycle

# of Batteries: 2

Battery Ah Rating: 2x 220Ah

Battery Model: GPL-4CT


500W Complete Solar Charging Kit

☀️ Solar Power Boost! Installed two ACO Power 200W panels into existing Zamp 40A prewire, tied in with the existing 100W panel for a total of 500W. #SolarUpgrade #RenewableEnergy #OffGridPower 🌞🔋💪


🔋 Power Reimagined! The 500W solar array now recharges two Lifeline AGM GPL-4CT batteries, ensuring reliable and sustainable energy. #SolarRecharge #BatteryBackup #RenewableEnergy 🌞🔋🚐


🔧 Efficiency Boost! This Victron IP65 SmartShunt will make life easier for our client by providing seamless monitoring and management of their battery system. #VictronSmartShunt #PowerManagement #RVUpgrades 💡🔋🔧


📲 Stay Informed! View live battery health data effortlessly with the VictronConnect App. Monitor your system’s vitals in real-time. #VictronConnect #BatteryHealth #SmartMonitoring 💡🔋📱