Installation Summary:

  • 12V 600Ah LiFeBlue LiFePO4 Battery Bank w/ Victron Energy Smart Shunt Monitoring System
  • 990W Complete Solar Charging Kit, expandable to 1190W
  • SAE Side Port Core w/ 30A MPPT, can accept up to 450W in parallel of unregulated portable panels.
  • 3000VA AC Input/Output System


Battery Bank w/Victron Energy Smart Shunt Monitoring System:

The battery bank (full system) was relocated and installed under the couch.



Solar Array:

Installed 4x 200W Rich solar panels and existing 190W panel wired to a complete Victron SmartSolar 150/85 MPPT system core.



3000VA AC Input/Output System:

Installed a Victron Energy MultiPlus-II 1x120V 3kVA under the couch, wired (in Full Passthrough configuration) to the existing 30A AC distribution system.


Installed Cerbo GX & installed Touch 50 monitor below the clock on the driver side beside the couch.


Installed Bluetooth Easy-Start on the A/C unit to help with surge draw.


Installed Hughes Watchdog Surge/EPO for AC source protection.