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When it comes to the world of solar, and especially solar equipped RVs, lithium batteries are the go-to choice for solar fans. Why are lithium batteries more chosen, and what makes them the preferred battery for solar battery banks? At AM Solar, we’re fans of the lithium battery, and here’s why.


Lithium batteries are most often chosen because of the wide variety of benefits they bring to the table. Lithium batteries offer more power, and are able to deliver it over a longer duration of time. They’re also smaller and lighter than other batteries, which makes them much more convenient for using in a solar charging system for a solar powered RV.

Lead batteries tend to lower the voltage they deliver as their power drops, but lithium batteries are able to deliver a consistent level of stored power. They’re also able to sit unused for longer periods of time, than other batteries, like lead acid batteries, which makes them an ideal battery for a solar-powered RV.

Price of a Lithium Battery

While the cost of lithium batteries used to be what deterred most people, they have now become more affordable. While they’re still more expensive than lead acid batteries, when you weigh the benefits and how long they’ll last they’re a much more affordable alternative, with pricing close to that of lead acid batteries.

Using in a Solar battery bank

When using lithium batteries in a battery management system, they don’t get over charged or ever completely discharge. While they do have a longer lifespan, it’s the lower weight that makes them perfect for solar powered RV’s. With a higher current output, and less maintenance required, they’re that much more usable.

AM Solar offers different set-ups for their lithium battery banks. It all comes down to how much use you need to get out of your solar power in your solar equipped RV. If you need to function with more appliances you’ll need to set yourself up a bigger capacity battery bank.