This client requested as much solar power as possible.  We ended up installing 640W of solar power within the limited space available on their roof.  We also installed a Trik-L-Start charger which takes power from their solar charged house batteries and transfers it to the starter battery.  The Trik-L-Start charger is particularly useful when the vehicle is parked for extended periods of time.  You won’t have to worry about your starter battery dying, and it helps maximize the life of the battery.


Equipment Added:
3x SF180 Solar Panel Kits
1x SF100 Solar Panel Kit
1x Roof Combiner Box
2x 19.5” Tilt Bar Sets
1x 15.5” Tilt Bar Set
1x SunRunner Signature MPPT 40A Charge Controller Core
1x Trik-L-Start Battery Charger

640W solar charging system
640W solar charging system
Trik-L-Start Charger
Trik-L-Start Charger