As part of our training program we occasionally give quizzes to employees.  Employees that get 100% have the company buy them a lunch.  How well can you do?  We’ll post the answers after everyone here has made an attempt.

1.  What is the nominal voltage of a typical lithium battery bank that we install?

A)     12V
B)     12.8V
C)    3.2V
D)    13.2V
E)     24V

2.  On average, a 100W panel, properly installed on a rig that spends most of its time around Eugene will produce approximately:

A)     5.5 Amps per hour
B)     200kWh per year
C)    15,000 BTUs
D)    100W
E)     25 Amp hours per day

3.  Which of the following components would we most likely recommend for a customer wanting to run an air conditioner?:

A)     Flooded Batteries
B)     Trik-L-Start
C)    Victron Multiplus 3000VA Inverter/Charger
D)    Victron BlueSolar 100/15 MPPT Charge Controller
E)     Magnum BMK

4.  Which components listed below are capable of disconnecting loads when a battery bank’s voltage gets too low?:

A)     Victron Battery Protect BP65
B)     Victron Mutiplus 2000VA Inverter/Charger
C)    AMS Lithium Control Board
D)    All of the above
E)     None of the above

5.  As you charge an AGM battery from low to full, what is the order of modes the charge controller progresses through?:

A)     Float, Accept, Bulk
B)     Float, Bulk, Absorb
C)    Equalize, Accept, Bulk
D)    Bulk, Accept, Float
E)     Bulk, Absorb, Equalize

6.  Which battery bank will store the most usable energy over 20 hour period?

A)     2x 200Ah Victron Lithium Batteries
B)     4x 6V L16 AGM Batteries
C)    6x 6V 4CT AGM Batteries
D)    4x 6V 6CT AGM Batteries
E)     2x 12V 8DL AGM Batteries

7.  Which device is likely to consume the most energy over a 24 hour period?

A)     Microwave used for five minutes per day
B)     Laptop used for six hours per day
C)    Portable electric heater used for four hours per day
D)    Phone charger used all night
E)     C-PAP machine used all night

8.  Which best describes the relationship between Volts, Amps and Watts?

A)     Wattage is the product of volts and amps
B)     Voltage is the root mean square of Amps and Watts
C)    Amps is the derivative Watts x Volts
D)    Voltage is the sum of Amps and Watts
E)     Wattage can be derived by an inverse Fourier transform of Voltage plotted against Amps

9.  Which statement is false?

A)     An MPPT charge controller will typically harvest more energy than a PWM controller.
B)     AGM batteries should be equalized monthly for best results
C)    A modified sine inverter will work fine for a laptop or cell phone charger.
D)    A 100W panels should not be connected in series with a 180W panel.
E)     A Trik-L-Start feeds current onto a starter battery.

10.  Which of the following is true?

A)     High current travels through 8ga cable with less losses than it does through 4ga cable.
B)     You get more amps per hour with higher wattage panels.
C)    Voltage is to water pressure as Amps is to gallons per minute.
D)    Panels operate at a lower voltage when they are colder.
E)     Lithium batteries are designed to handle short circuiting without damage.