GS180 180W Solar Panel


GS180 180W Solar Panel


This panel is assembled in the US using 6" monocrystalline cells.
Wattage:  180W
Type:  Monocrystalline
Operating Voltage:  19.67V
Size:  58.3" x 26.6" x 1.57", 26.4lbs
Frame:  Silver Anodized Aluminum
Connection Type:  MC4

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The Grape Solar 180-Watt US Assembled Monocrystalline PV Solar Panel use high-efficiency solar cells with high module conversion efficiency and long-term output reliability. Virtually maintenance free. Ideal for RV's, cabins, sheds, remote locations and other small power generation needs.

  • High transmittance, low iron tempered glass with enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
  • Positive and negative leads equipped with MC4 comparable connectors
  • Built-in blocking diodes prevent reverse current flow
  • Rigorous quality control to meet the highest international standards, 0% to 3% positive output power tolerance
  • Advanced encapsulation material with multilayer sheet lamination to provide long-life and enhanced cell performance
  • Outstanding electrical performance under high temperature and weak light environments
  • Unique frame design with strong mechanical strength for up to 50 lbs./sq. ft. wind load and snow load withstanding, mounting holes provided for easy installation
  • Secure and worry-free 5-year product warranty and 25-year linear output performance warranty guaranteed, your investment is safe with us
  • Refer to diagram for components of a complete solar power system with AC output

GS180 Data Sheet

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Grape Solar Part Number:  GS-STAR-180W-US
AM Solar Part Number:  SOLAR-GS180