Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner




  • Alternator 160A or less: 120A Cyrix
  • Alternator more than 160A: 230A Cyrix
  • Product Description

    Victron Cyrix battery combiners connect your house battery bank to your starter battery and alternator to allow alternator charging. Additionally, when a charge is applied to a house battery bank the Cyrix will close and allow current to flow to the starter battery. Select an appropriate Cyrix based on your house battery type and alternator current rating.

    AM Solar Part Number: RELAY-VTC120, RELAY-VTCY

  • Wiring Diagrams

    These diagrams demonstrate how to integrate a Cyrix into an existing system. None of the cable, lugs, or circuit protection components are included. Full kits can be found below.

    These devices are compatible with both AGM and Lithium battery systems.

    Lithium 120A (AGM with Boost)
    Lithium 230A (With Boost)
    Lithium 230A (Without Boost)

    LED indicator meaning:
    OFF – No batteries detected (check your chassis ground)
    Rapid Flash – Only one battery detected
    Slow Flash – Batteries detected, but not connected
    Solid (or fluttering) – Batteries connected


    When a Cyrix would close:
    13,4 V < V < 13,7 V: 120 s
    13,7 V < V < 13,9 V: 30 s V > 13,9 V: 4 s

    When a Cyrix would open:
    13,3 V < V < 13,2 V: 10 s
    V < 13,2 V: immediate

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