230A Alternator Charger Kit (AGM Battery)

230A Alternator Charger Kit (AGM Battery)


  • Product Description

    Enable 230A alternator charging of a secondary AGM or Flooded battery bank.  A boost button lets your house batteries start your ignition when your starter battery is dead. This kit is ideal for van conversions and skoolies.

    A Cyrix based alternator charger will only be able to bring a house battery bank up to about 80% State Of Charge.

    LED indicator meaning:

    OFF – No batteries detected (check your chassis ground)

    Rapid Flash – Only one battery detected

    Slow Flash – Batteries detected, but not connected

    Solid (or fluttering) – Batteries connected

    Wiring Diagram

    Alternator connections points can vary widely. Customers may need to contact their manufacturer for specific details and/or provide manufacturer-approved fuses or buss bars for installation. Customers are responsible for ensuring warranty compliance.


  • What you get:

    1x    RELAY-VTCX    CYR010230010R

    Victron Cyrix-ct 12/24V-230 Intelligent battery cmb

    7x    LUG-2/0-RING-3/8    LC20381

    2/0 Lug-3/8″ Ring

    2x LUG-2/0-RING-5/16 LC20561

    2/0 Lug-5/16“ Ring

    6x    93H-R3/4

    Heat Shrink Red 1.5″ x 3/4″

    2x    93H-B3/4

    Heat Shrink Black 1.5″ x 3/4″

    35′    CABLE-2/0-1-BLK    4719


    40′    CABLE-18GA-1-RED

    18 ga. Red Wire

    20′    CABLE-18GA-1-BLK    SXL18-2

    18 ga. Black Wire

    2x    LUG-18GA-RING-BR    30006

    18-22 ga. Ring-Bare

    1″    HS-BLK-DWALL-1/8    HSDW18-0

    Heat Shrink 1/8″ Black

    1x    SPLICE-14-BUTT-SD    38058

    14-16 ga. Butt Step-Down

    2x    SPLICE-18-BUTT-HS

    18-22 ga. Butt-HS    18-22 ga. Butt-HS

    1x    FUSEHLDR-MINI    46486

    Mini Fuse Holder & Cap

    2x    FUSE-MINI-005A    46253

    Mini Fuse-5 Amp

    1x    LUG-10GA-RING-HS    32905

    10-12 ga. Ring-H.S.

    1x    93B-200A

    200 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws


    Essential black momentary switch

    1x    PLATE-MOM

    Push Switch Face Plate    Faceplate for Momentary Switch

    4x    FSTSCW-612    6N50PPT/BO

    Screw-#6×1/2″ PHP BLK OX


    AM Solar Part Number:  98-ALTCHG230

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