SunRunner Gold 30MPPT 8 System Core

SunRunner Gold 30MPPT/8 System Core

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    This kit is built around an MPPT charge controller and offers a digital display, temperature compensation and cable management hardware.  It can regulate up to 400W of solar panels and is compatible with our roof mounted combiner boxes.  Thicker 8 gauge wire and a Maxi Fuse minimize voltage drop for optimum performance.

  • Installation Diagrams:

  • What you get:

    1x  Blue Sky SB3000i MPPT

    Charge Controller

    1x  Blue Sky

    Temperature Sensor

    30′ Duplex-8/2


    1x  Interior Wire Harness

    Accessory Kit

    1x  40A Maxi

    Fuse Kit

    1x  Spare 40A

    Maxi Fuse

    1x  8ga Negative

    Terminal Kit

    1x  Blue Sky

    Connection Kit

    This medium power Blue Sky based system core offers the performance of an MPPT charge controller without complex and expensive shunt based monitoring systems.  A built-in digital display shows system status by indicated charging current or battery bank voltage.

    To complete a system based on this Core, study this System Overview. You will see that you need to add a Combiner Box and Solar Panel Kits. You may also choose to add Tilt Bars for increased output in Winter and a tube or two of Dicor sealant to seal the roof where the mounting feet and roof combiner box are placed.

    The optional add-ons list below makes it easy to build a complete system.

    AM Solar Part Number:  30s-GLD-MPP-30A

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