SunRunner Gold 30PWM 8 System Core

SunRunner Gold 30PWM/8 System Core

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    This kit offers a digital display, temperature compensation and cable management hardware.  It can regulate up to 450 watts of solar panels and is compatible with our roof mounted combiner boxes.  Thicker 8 gauge wire and a Maxi Fuse minimize voltage drop for optimum performance.

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  • What you get:

    1x    CCTLR-VT-PWM-030P    SCC010030010

    Victron BlueSolar PWM-Pro Charge Controller 12/24V-30A

    1x    TEMP-VTPCC    SCC940100100

    Victron Temp. sensor for BlueSolar PWM-Pro Charge Controller

    1x    MONITOR-VTPWM    SCC900300000

    Victron Remote panel for BlueSolar PWM-Pro Charge Controller

    30′    CABLE-8GA-2-R&B


    1x    92C-INTR

    Interior Wire Harness Acc. Kit

    1x    93F-MAXI-HLD

    Maxi Fuse Holder Kit

    1x    93F-PACK-040A

    40A Maxi Fuse Packet

    1x    93T-NEG-8GA

    8ga Negative Terminal Kit

    This medium power Victron based system core offers the simplicity of a PWM charge controller along with temperature compensation.  A remote digital display offers programability and shows system status by indicating charging current or battery bank voltage.

    To complete a system based on this core, you will need to add a Combiner Box and Solar Panel Kits. You may also choose to add Tilt Bars for increased output in the Winter and a tube or two of Dicor sealant to seal the roof where the mounting feet and roof combiner box are placed.

    The optional add-ons list below makes it easy to build a complete system.

    AM Solar Part Number:  30s-GLD-PWM-30A

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