100W Complete Charger (Simple)

100W Complete Charger (Simple)

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    FEATURES:  LEDs show charging status, Expandable up to 200W

    “I just want to charge my battery with a single panel, what do I get?”  This is our most simple, complete solar charging kit that includes everything you need to just charge a battery.  This kit is ideal for maintaining batteries while your vehicle is stored outdoors and offsetting the power consumption of small fans or lights.  This kit will not run a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, heater or air conditioner.  This kit will not produce alternating current.

  • What you get:

    1x  SF100

    Solar Panel

    1x  Bigfoot Z Mount Set


    1x  SunRunner Essential 20PWM/10

    System Core

    1x  Clamshell (to cover roof penetration)


    1x  Dicor Sealant (to seal Clamshell and mounting feet)

    This system can be upgraded by adding on add-on panel kit and a battery temperature compensation sensor.

    AM Solar Part Number:  99-100ESSPWM

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