Heliotrope to Blue Sky Adapter Plate

Heliotrope to Blue Sky Adapter Plate

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  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" x 4 9/16"
  • Product Description

    This adapter plate will allow for the installation of a Blue Sky SC30 or 3000i charge controller in the the slot where an older Heliotrope model charge controller used to be.

    When upgrading from a Heliotrope controller to a BlueSky model it is also important to replace the temperature sensor.

    Temp Sensor Replacement

  • Heliotrope RV-30 Series (or similar shaped brand) Replacement Options:

    Solar Boost 3000i

    The Heliotrope RV-30D has the ability to charge the house and chassis batteries. The most comparable replacement with that function would be the Blue Sky Solar Boost 3000i controller. The advantage of using the 3000i controller is that it features Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), current boosting technology, and it has more robust wire terminals. This controller requires the panels to be within .5Vmpp of one another so it is important that your panels are the same make and model, or that you know each of your different panels’ operating voltages.

    AM Solar Part Number:  PLATE-ADBS

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