Victron EkranoGX Monitor




  • Display: Built-in 7-inch waterproof touchscreen
  • Communication Ports: VE.Direct (3), VE.Bus, VE.CAN (2), USB-A (2)
  • Inputs: Digital Inputs (2), Resistive Tank Sensor Inputs (3), Temperature Sensor Inputs (2), Relays (2)
  • Features: GX - Battery compatibility via CAN.BUS and powerful quad-core processor
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Product Description

    The Victron Ekrano GX is a fully featured communication center, built with the latest remote monitoring capabilities. Gain ultimate control with this latest addition to the GX family and feel the power of truly being in charge.

    Monitoring Powerhouse

    Monitor the performance of your energy system with the powerful Venus OS. Configure the system completely to your every need, use simple controls to stay on top and let our algorithms do the rest.

    Maximize System Performance

    The Ekrano GX will actively maximize the performance of your system. Acting as a communication hub it unifies readings and coordinates system-wide actions to optimize performance for all connected devices. The extremely powerful processor and the innovative Venus OS will ensure that your already efficient hardware reaches new levels of efficiency.

    Victron Part Number: BPP900480100

    AM Solar Part Number: MONITOR-VTEKRANO

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