DC Distribution Kit for 24V Battery Systems


  • Product Description

    This kit includes everything you need to connect a 12V DC distribution block to a 24V battery system.

    High power systems frequently require 24V battery banks. This kit steps the 24V from the batteries down to 12V for the DC loads.

    Wiring Diagram

  • What you get

    1x CONV-VT2412

    Orion 24/12-70A DC-DC converter IP20

    1x 93B-040

    40 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws

    1x SWITCH-WALL 19-0213 12V

    Wall Switch, Chrm

    6’ CABLE-6GA-2-GRY


    5x LUG-6GA-RING-3/8

    6 ga. Lug-3/8″ Ring

    3x LUG-6GA-RING-1/4

    6 ga. Lug-1/4″ Ring

    30’ CABLE-18GA-2-GRY DWC

    1802CMR Duplex-18/2

    2x LUG-18GA-FAST-F 30513

    Female Fast-on 18 ga.

    6x HS-RED-DWALL-1/2 HSDW12-2

    Heat Shrink 1/2″ Red

    2x HS-BLK-DWALL-1/2 HSHD12-0

    Heat Shrink 1/2″ Black (2x 1″pcs)

    2x FSTSCW-612-SS

    Screw-#6×1/2″ PHP SS\

    7x FSTSCW-1034Z

    Screw-#10×3/4″ PHP SMS Z

    4x FSWASH-FLT-#6

    Flat Washer #6 Z

    AM Solar Part Number:  98-DCD2412

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