Smart Phase Selector (Patent Pending)

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  • Dimensions: H 4.5" x W 6.8" x D 9.4"
  • Product Description

    Due to unpredicted high demand and a slow supply chain, we are currently out of stock and working on version 3.0. As of March 2022, the SPS V3.0 is being re-evaluated. Feel free to contact us with questions.

    The Smart Phase Selector (SPS) is designed to control power flows between a 50A main panel, a single input inverter with AC pass-through/PowerAssist, a shore power connection, and a generator. It allows both sides of the 50A main panel to receive power with a single inverter whether connected to a 50A shore source or not, within the output limitations of the inverter. The SPS greatly simplifies the installation of an inverter system and improves the functionality of an RV configured for a 50A service.

    AM Solar Part Number: 50-TSFMB1, 50-TSFMB2, SPS, sps

  • SPS Performance Advantage

  • What you get

    1x Silent SPS Unit

    5′ CABLE-6GA-4-GRY

    Stranded 6/4

    1x SPLICE-14-SWL

    2-14 ga. Splice Wire Lug

    4x FSTSCW-1034Z

    Screw-#10×3/4″ PHP SMS Z

    3″ HS-BLK-DWALL-3/4

    Heat Shrink 3/4″ Black

    4x STRN-S-1 Strain Relief 1

    Warranty – Two years from the date of purchase

  • Testimonials

    Just want to say the smart phase selector has worked great for us over the last 4 months since installing in our 2020 Northwood Arcticfox 29-5T 5th wheel along with a 3K Victron inverter, 680w of Zamp solar, Victron 100/50 mppt and (4) Battleborn lithium batteries.

    I actually removed our Oem tranfser switch entirely as it served no purpose to us since we’d never install a front mounted generator. In fact I used the 6/4 oem cable from transfer switch to router the AC input to the inverter out of the Sps. Therefore I only had to run (1) new 6/4 cable from inverter back to the SPS which was nice.

    I mentioned the SPS in any forum post I see where people are discussing sub panels, isolating inverter to one side of distribution panel, etc. I simply think it’s a great product that simplifies a common set of issues most people face when installing inverters in 50 amp RV’s.


  • Operation Tips

    Air Conditioners:
    In order to run an Air Conditioner, you will need to install electronically controlled start capacitors. We recommend the Micro-Air Easy Start

    For Victron Multiplus and Quattro inverters:
    Dynamic Current Limiting must be disabled
    Uninterrupted Power Supply mode (UPS) must be disabled

    SPS Clicking – The SPS will begin to click when either the AC load is overloading the inverter, or the AC source isn’t strong enough to supply the power you need. The SPS will cut out with a weak shore power source less than 103V AC. Dynamic Current Limiting and UPS mode will also cause this to happen. If you are using an air conditioner without an Easy Start this will also likely occur.

    Most common causes for failures:

    Inverter programming – UPS mode and/or Dynamic Current Limiter is turned on

    Air Conditioner startup – No Easy Start is installed in the AC unit. You must have a Micro-Air Easy Start kit on your A/C. Other brands of soft starts may not work.

    Long extension cords – If you are running a 100Ft extension cord the voltage drop will likely cause brownout voltage inside the RV shutting the system down

    Poor AC power source – If you’re in an overloaded RV park and the voltage drops to around 103V the System will shut down to protect your RV electronics

    Malfunctioning AC appliances like A/C units that need service can cause AC power failures

    DVCC – If you have a Color Control connected to your inverter and DVCC has even been turned on just once it will cause strange surges and overloads within the inverter. You must follow a reset and redetect procedure to eliminate this issue

    Inverter/Chargers Current Limiter – The input current limit has to be adjusted to match your AC Source power in amps. If it’s not set correctly you can either overload shore power or overload your inverter. This can express itself through the SPS clicking

    220V, 240V Loads – The SPS does not give you the ability to run 220V or 240V loads from a single inverter or while on a 30A service. Loads like this can only be powered when plugged into a 50A service, or with a Victron Autotransformer when not plugged into a 50 service.

    Note on the SPS with Load Shedding systems: ‘Load Shedding’ is a factory-installed system typically located at the AC Distribution panel with a remote monitor. The intention is to assess AC input vs. AC output and cutoff loads before a user exceeds the AC input rating.

    The SPS requires a hybrid inverter. Currently, it is only compatible with the Victron and Magnum models. When installing an inverter with hybrid technology, ‘load-shedding’ needs to be disabled so the ‘load-assist’ feature of the hybrid inverters can be enabled when AC power needs to be supplemented from the batteries. We have seen half a dozen types of ‘load-shedding’ systems and they all require varying degrees of disabling. Please be aware of this when considering an SPS installation.

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