EasyStart 364 Soft Start Kit




  • Transparent Enclosure Dimensions: 7.64L x 3.58W x 2.50H in (194L x 91W x 64H mm)
  • Product Description

    Easy start kits are typically installed on air conditioning units where the start-up surge might overwhelm an inverter. This kit also comes in a recommended Bluetooth version that allows for diagnostic feedback. Please note that the Bluetooth module does NOT allow you to control your AC unit.

    AM Solar Part Number:  98-EASY, 98-EASYBT

  • Key Features

    Easy Start your A/C without buying a second or bigger generator or inverter

    Run 2 air conditioners on a 30-Amp cord. (Note: Each A/C requires an EasyStart unit – Results depend on the power management system and the total amperage MUST be less than 30 AMPS and does NOT reduce running AMPS.

    Sleep, with less noise, and cool all through the night

    Run your A/C with more appliances at the same time

    Add an A/C unit at low cost by putting an inexpensive EasyStart on each. Avoids expensive rewiring of the entire RV to upgrade to 50-amp.

    Convenient installation kit for wiring an RV Rooftop A/C unit is available. (sold separately)

    Has numerous specialized fault checks not found in any other soft starter to provide further protection for your compressor.

    The EasyStart includes a unique water resistant and UV protected enclosure with an integrated mounting flange.

    Specialized models exist for various applications.

    All of our EasyStart 364 models come equipped with side-angled “flag connectors to attach to the run capacitor in your installation. They work well in any limited space. If you prefer, you may clip them off in favor of your preferred connector.

    Installation Video
    Spec Sheet
    Bluetooth Module Information
    Manufacturer’s Troubleshooting Guide

  • What you get:


    EasyStart 364 (3-ton) 115V/ EasyStart 364 (3-ton) 115V (Bluetooth)

    2x    SPLICE-10-BUTT-HS

    10-12 ga. Butt HS

    2x    SPLICE-10-BUTT-Y

    10-12 ga. Butt 3-Way “Y”

    2x LUG-10GA-DISC-F

    Female Disconnect 10 ga.

    13″    TAPE-VHB

    3M VHB Tape-4950

    1x    BUSH-SNAP-5/8

    Snap Bushing 5/8″ ID

    1″    TAPE-PUT

    Putty Tape for Roof C-Box

    2x    WIRETIE-07

    Wire Tie 7-3/8″

    4x    92C-RATT

    Roof Attachment Point Kit

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