Watchdog Hardwired Bluetooth Surge Protector




  • Current: 30 Amps/ 50 Amps
  • Surge Protection: 3,000 Joules/ 6,100 Joules of advanced surge/spike protection for your RV
  • Dimensions: 12” x 5 ½” x 3 ¾”/ 12” x 5 ½” x 3 ¾”
  • Product Description

    Huges Autoformers new 30/50 amp Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector offers 3,000/6,100 Joules of advanced surge protection for your coach. It features advanced circuit analysis to shut off power in an emergency* and includes our patented Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor live park power conditions on your smartphone using our free mobile app.

    * Unit automatically shuts down power if voltage drops below 104 or above 132 volts, if the unit detects open ground or open neutral, and more. Once power conditions are stable for at least 90 seconds, the unit will turn back on automatically.


  • Key Features

    • Replaceable Surge / Spike Module – should you get hit by a large spike, simply order a new surge module rather than replacing the entire unit.
    • Wirelessly Monitor voltage, amperage, and wattage on your smartphone in real time using our free mobile app!
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Plug-n-Play ensures a minimal 4-second power-on analysis to determine if power conditions are safe, while other brands can take up to two minutes.
    • Protect Your Appliances with a built-in 90-second power-on delay after a fault is detected and resolved.
    • Complete LED Park Power Diagnostics with wireless fault alerts ensure you are aware of any hazardous park power conditions and any faulty wiring.
    • Go GLOBAL – add Wi-Fi/Cellular capabilities using the RVWhisper add-on option and monitor your unit from miles away! Visit for more details.
    • Hardwired – once installed, just plug your RV into any camp power pole as you normally would and you’ll automatically be protected. The unit can be installed anywhere in your RV, out of sight and securely attached to your RV to help avoid theft.
  • Manual & Install Guide

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