AC Input/Output 30A MultiPlus 3000VA 120A




  • Steady State: 2400W
  • Surge: Surge
  • Voltage Output: 120V AC
  • Voltage Input: 9.5-17V
  • Waveform: Pure Sine
  • Frequency: 60hz
  • Charger: 120A
  • Passthrough: 50A
  • Efficiency: 93%
  • Dimensions: H 14.3" x W 10.2" x D 8.6"
  • Extra: Hybrid
  • Product Description

    This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Victron 12/3000 inverter system, including shore power cord, inlet, main panel, sub panel and an AC outlet.

  • Installation diagrams

  • What you get

    1x INV-VT-3000 PMP123021102 MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger
    1x MONITOR-VTDM DMC000200000R Digital M. Contr.200/200A GX
    1x CABLE-VT-RJ45-5 ASS030065000 RJ45 UTP Cable 5 m
    1x CABLE-VT-MK3USB ASS030140000 Victron MK3-USB Interface
    8x LUG-4/0-RING-3/8 4/0 Lug-3/8″ Ring
    12′ CABLE-4/0-1-BLK Cable 4/0
    6x 93H-R3/4 Heat Shrink Red 1.5″ x 3/4″
    2x 93H-B3/4 Heat Shrink Black 1.5″ x 3/4″1x 95F-CLST-400A 400A Class T Fuse & Holder
    1x WIRETIE-05 GT-40S-0 Black Wire Tie 5-7/8″
    1x 93S-MINI Switch-Mini On/OFF with Screws
    25′ CABLE-10GA-3-GRY Stranded 10/3
    2x SPLICE-12-CEC 37025 10-12 ga. Closed End Crimp
    1x BRKR-AC-BRKR-15/15 AC Breaker 15A/15A

    1x BRKR-AC-BRKR-15/20 AC Breaker 15A/20A
    1x BRKR-AC-BRKR-30/15 AC Breaker 30A/15A
    1x CORD-30A-25-L Shore Power Cord, 30A, 25′ Locking
    1x OUTLET-30A-B Power Outlet – 30A – Black
    1x BOX-MSB 053-00089 Midnite Solar Baby DIN Mnt Box
    1x BRKR-AC-DIN-277V/30A 053-03067 277VAC/30A DIN Mnt Breaker
    1x BOX-SPBS TT120SLGNM Sub Panel Brkr. Box-Surface
    1x BOX-SGSB 1328868 Sngl Gang Shallow flush (old work box)
    1x STRN-S-11/4 CHE 2633 Strain Relief 1-1/4″
    2x STRN-S-3/4 CHE2631 Strain Relief 3/4″
    20′ CABLE-14GA-2-WHT Romex-14-2
    1x OUTLET-15125 15A/125V Outlet
    1x OUTLET-DPLX 1236430 Duplex Outlet Cover (WHT)

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