Victron LiFePO4 Batteries 12.8V




  • 100Ah: H 7.8″ W 12.6″ x D 6.0″ 33lbs
  • 200Ah: H 9.3″ W 12.6″ x D 6.0″ 49lbs
  • 330Ah: H 10.44″ W 14.14″ x D 8.11″ 66lbs



  • Product Description

    ****Online Purchase for Local Pickup Only****

    Stand alone battery purchases require a VE.Bus BMS, Lynx Smart BMS, or Victron SmallBMS. This battery will not function properly without one of these Battery Management Systems.


    -Integrated cell balancing

    -Can be parallel or series connected

    -Bluetooth app available to monitor cell voltage and temperature

    Recommended to be used in conjunction with one of our Victron lithium battery kits.

    If you are interested in purchasing a system including Victron batteries, please contact us at to request a shipping quote. The delivery of Victron lithium batteries is more complicated than that of our other products. They must be drop-shipped from Victron, and Victron requires that shipments go to a commercial address that has either a forklift or a loading dock (one or the other is fine). 

    Visit the Victron webpage: BAT512110610, BAT512120610, BAT512130410

    AM Solar Part Number:  BATTLI-VT-200, BATTLI-VT-200S, BATTLI-VT-100, BATTLI-VT-330

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