AM Solar Roof Combiner Box (C-Box)




  • Dimensions: H 1.9" x W 11.61" x D 5.87"
  • Product Description

    A mobile solar combiner box is what houses cable connections from individual solar panels or strings of solar panels.  It also covers the roof penetration where conductors are fed down to the solar charge controller.

    This is the culmination of 15 years of mobile solar expertise.  We made a list of everything we wanted in a combiner box, and put it all into this design.  If you have a serious application that calls for more than four solar panels you won’t find a higher quality, more purpose-built, combiner box, than this.

    AM Solar Part Number:  21-ROOF, 21-ROOFt

  • Product Features

    Sleek Aerodynamic Profile: The box features a flat, aerodynamic profile that’s so low it can be mounted beneath a solar panel, ensuring minimal impact on your vehicle’s aesthetics.

    Versatile Size: Its narrow design allows it to fit comfortably between the ridges on most van roofs.

    Weather-Tight Seal: The lid provides a secure weather-tight seal using ten screws and a rubber gasket, ensuring protection against the elements.

    Multiple Knockouts: The outer perimeter boasts ten knockouts, with three on the long sides and two on the short sides, accommodating up to ten strings of solar panels or various cables.

    Secure Roof Attachment: The box attaches to the roof using VHB mounting tape and sealant, with the option to use four mounting screws for added stability.

    Moisture Protection: Designed to prevent moisture ingress, the box is sealed not only from the outside but also from the bottom, safeguarding against corrosion of terminal block connections.

    Cable Management: The bottom hole is spacious enough to accommodate four 2ga connectors and various communication cables. After routing the cables from the roof, pack them with putty tape and apply self-leveling sealant for a secure seal.

    Compatibility: The box accommodates various cables and solar panel connection types, including custom 10/2 cables routed through strain reliefs, MC4-type connectors, SAE connectors, ATP connectors, or simple butt splices.

    Strain Relief Options: For solar arrays using standard 10ga solar wire, we offer a two-hole strain relief that can accommodate both positive and negative conductors.

    Accessory Routing: Securely route accessory and communication cables, such as Starlink, Weboost, or lights, through one of our three types of strain reliefs into the box, and down into the vehicle.

    Busbars with Multiple Terminal Holes: Inside the box, cables can be attached to our busbars using multiple screw-down terminal holes. A red bar designates positives, while a black bar designates negatives, reducing confusion during installation.

    Adjustable Busbar Configuration: The busbars can be easily pulled out of the base of the box for more convenient installation. They fit into various tracks within the box, accommodating different wire lengths and personal preferences, secured in place by tension and the lid.

    Expandability: For larger solar arrays, a second set of busbars can be added inside the box.

    Chaining Capability: Connect multiple boxes by routing two conductors of 2ga through strain reliefs and into another box, eliminating the need for multiple roof penetrations on large arrays.

    DIN-Mounted Breaker Compatibility: Inside the box, three vertical rails are designed to hold a DIN-mounted breaker.

    Durable Construction: Crafted from UV-resistant black plastic, the box features an AM Solar logo stamped on the lid, ensuring long-lasting durability.

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  • AM Solar Roof Combiner Box (C-Box)

    Well layed out and easy access for running wires inside. The top of the box has a seal and overlays the bottom half giving good moisture control. This new version is greatly improved.

    Pamela D

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