What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is energy that can be recreated, or energy that doesn’t harm the environment as much as fossil fuels do. There are many kinds of energy, for example solar power, that are deemed renewable, like the following:

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is energy that comes from the heat of the earth. It comes from heated rock and reservoirs of hot water that are miles below the earth’s surface. Geothermal plants are able to harness these naturally occurring heat sources and turn them into energy. Geothermal energy can help heat office buildings, help grow greenhouse plants, heat water, and more.


Harnessing the power of water isn’t new, as water wheels and mills have been used for decades. Now the energy of rivers is being converted into hydroelectricity. The most common example of this is a dam. Dams store water, like a reservoir, and release the water through turbines that produce electricity. Another way dams work is where a portion of a river flows through a channel with turbines, and energy is collected from the river as it flows through.

Ocean Thermal Energy

Along the same lines of harnessing the power of a river, lake or reservoir, is the power of the ocean. The ocean can produce two types of energy: thermal energy from the sun’s heat and energy from the motion of the water, tides and waves. Anything from ebbs and flows of tides, to wind-driven waves, and ocean currents can help generate power if harness properly. With most of the earth’s surface covered in water, the future is promising for hydro-related power.


Bioenergy is used to create alternate renewable energy, such as biodiesel. It can be used to create heat or electricity. It uses biomass, or organic matter, to create the energy. It does use the same amount of carbon dioxide as fossil fuels, but it helps remove an equal amount of CO2 from the atmosphere with replacement plants. It’s an ongoing process.


While wind is technically considered to be a solar-powered energy, it still falls into the renewable energy category. Wind is caused by the warming and cooling of the atmosphere. The power of the wind can be harnessed by wind turbines and converted into energy. In some farms today, windmills are still used to pump water.

There are many alternate ways of getting the energy that we need to exist. A lot of them aren’t as explored as fossil fuel energy is, but are well on their way to getting there. Solar power is just one of many alternate ways to supply energy from things like water, wind and sun, that already exist.