High Current Alternator Charging and the 7-Pin Connection

Because of slim wire gauges and long runs through the 7-pin connector, alternator charging to a truck camper, trailer, or 5th wheel is usually limited to no more than about 5 amps of current. 

Bypassing this with 2/0 cable and Anderson connectors is technically possible, but it presents challenges.  Both a heavy gauge negative and a positive lead need to be connected to the trailer, and the chassis connection in the 7-pin connector needs to be removed.  If the 7-pin chassis connection is not removed, high current from the alternator charger may take that path and overload the wire.

The problem with modifying the 7-pin connector in this way is that the signal lights on your trailer will no longer function unless the negative high current Anderson connection is plugged in.  This could be a serious safety problem.

Because of regulations and product liability issues, this isn’t the kind of installation AM Solar will do.


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