Victron MK3-USB Interface


Victron MK3-USB Interface


Allows for programming of an inverter using a PC.

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Victron Inverter/Charger Firmware update and Programming instructions

Step-by-step programming instructions

Downloading and installing the software needed
Be sure that you are connected to the internet when you first connect this device to your computer to ensure proper device driver installation.  Follow this link to The Victron Energy Website and download the VE Configuration Tools and the MK2 driver. There is an instructional video on this page for the firmware update which we will use later.
Install the VE Configuration tools provided at this link.


Multiplus Inverter/Charger Programming

AM Solar will update the firmware and program the proper settings into your inverter before it is shipped to you.

Preparing the Inverter
Make sure AC/shore power is turned off and the inverter switch is in the off (middle) position. 

Connect DC power (12V) to the inverter.

Connect an ethernet cable/RJ45 to the inverter port and to the MK2 adapter. Disconnect all other RJ45 cables from the inverter. Connect the MK2 adapter USB to your computer.

Updating the Firmware
Update the Firmware by using VEFlash. You will need to download the proper .vff file from the bottom of this page.  Follow the Instructions on the video from the link above.

Installing the Inverter settings
Start up VE Config. 
Select the Port Selection tab, Com Port, Auto Detect.
Once connection is established with the Inverter select the File tab, Load Settings.
Select the settings file .vsc appropriate for your batteries.
If you are using a unique battery type you can customize your inverter/charger settings at this point.
Note: you may need to adjust the charge current appropriately for the Battery size and type.
Select the Target tab, Send Settings.
When ‘Successful’ appears, you are done.

If you have any questions contact AM Solar Tech Support at or (541) 726-1091.


Battery settings


Visit the Victron webpage:  ASS030130010

AM Solar Part Number:  CABLE-VT-MK3USB