SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro Core

SRSIG-40-4-Pro Core 1000x.png
SRSIG-40-4-Pro Core 1000x.png

SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro Core


This kit is built around an MPPT charge controller and offers a digital display, system programming, battery monitoring, temperature compensation, disconnects and cable management hardware.  It can regulate up to 540W of solar panels and is compatible with our roof mounted combiner boxes.  Thick 4 gauge wire reduces lines losses for optimum efficiency. 

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What you get:
1x    CCTLR-BS-MPP-040A        Blue Sky SB3024iL MPPT
1x    TEMP-BS        Blue Sky Temperature Sensor
1x    97-3024SCRWS        Screws for SB3024iL
1x    97-3024HDK        3024iL Hardware Kit
1x    MONITOR-IPNP        IPN Pro Remote
1x    96-IPNRSK        IPN Pro Remote Shunt Kit
30'    CABLE-4GA-2-GRY        Duplex-4/2
1x    92C-INTR        Interior Wire Harness Acc. Kit
1x    93B-050A        50 Amp DC Brkr. w/Screws
1x    93T-POS-4GA        4ga Brkr Pos Term Kit
1x    93T-NEG-4GA        4ga Negative Terminal Kit
1x    93S-MINI        Switch-Mini On/Off w/Screws
2x    LUG-4GA-RING-3/8        4 ga. Lug-3/8" Ring
3"    HS-RED-HD-1/2        Heat Shrink 1/2" Red

This is the high power end of our Blue Sky based System Core offerings.  The inclusion of the IPN Pro Remote and the shunt kit give you a full feature Battery Monitor. This monitor provides plenty of useful information about the performance of the system and your relative consumption.

To complete a system based on this Core, study this System Overview. You will see that you need to add a Combiner Box and Solar Panel Kits. You may also choose to add Tilt Bars for increased output in Winter and a tube or two of Dicor sealant to seal the roof where the mounting feet and roof combiner box are placed.

The optional add-ons list below makes it easy to build a complete system.


Installation Diagram:

SunRunner Signature 40MPPT/4/Pro

You may also be interested in:

Choose a combiner box:

Roof C-Box
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Be advised:  The Refrigerator Vent C-box can be modified to work with the 4 gauge cable in this system core but it is difficult to work with and usually discouraged.

Choose panel kits:

SP100 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts
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SF100 Solar Panel Kit with Rocker Mounts
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Choose appropriate tilt bar sets:

Tilt Bar Set - 15.5" / 45°

For tilting the SF100 and SP100 solar panels at a 45 degree angle for increased output in the winter months.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Tilt Bar Set - 19.5" / 45°

For tilting the ZS170 solar panel at a 45 degree angle for increased output in the winter months.  Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel.

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Add sealant:

(allow 1/3 tube per panel or Roof C-Box)

Dicor Sealant
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Sikaflex 221 Sealant
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TPO Sealant
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AM Solar Part Number:  30s-SIG-MPP-40A or 30i-SIG-MPP-40A