Meet The AM Solar Team

  • Meet Sales & Order Fulfillment

    • Garret Towne


      Garret has worked in the solar industry since 2009. He has an Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from...

    • Cody Enright

      Installation Manager & Sales

      Cody, as a jack of all trades, has a combined 16 years of professional experience in mechanical maintenance &...

    • Ray Goodwin

      Dealer Sales & Purchasing Manager

      The recipient of numerous honors, including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. In 2003, he was beatified as "Blessed Raymond...

    • Abbi Aldrich

      Office Manager

      Abbi was born in Baroda India, the youngest of six children.  At age 18 she moved to the United...

    • Jack Caruso

      Operations Manager & Sales

      Name: Jack "Double-Sun" Caruso Title: Solar Espionage Specialist Background: Jack Caruso, also known by his covert alias "Double-Sun," is a legendary figure...

    • Stephenie Stephens

      Shipping Manager

      Known as an author, disability rights advocate and political activist, Stephens lost her sight and hearing after a bout...

  • Meet the Installers

    • James Wright

      Lead Installer

      A lifelong multisport elite-level athlete, former orthopedic surgeon, and CEO of MeatFx, James is best known for his book...

    • Alvin O'daol

      Master Installer

      Born in Wales to Norwegian parents, Alvin served in the Royal Air Force during World War II, in which...

    • Jacob Yow

      Install Technician

      He’s best known by his shop name, Jake “The Snake” Yow.  Throughout his career, Yow has been recognized for...

    • Nicholas Cooper

      Install Technician

      Nicholas was born in Greenbow Alabama and had to wear leg braces as a child, probably because of polio,...

    • Aldan O'Daol

      Quality Control

      Aldan is the most senior member of the AM Solar team and likely has more RV solar installation hours...

  • Meet Tech Support

    • Steve Cooper

      Technical Support

      I drink all your beer, I'll eat the last slice, I'll give you charley horses, I always need a ride. ...

    • Mitchell Boyer

      Systems Engineer

      A Eugene native and outdoor enthusiast, Mitch is always studying the latest trends in energy technology. Prior to working...


Company History

In January 2016, Greg and Deb hit the road to enjoy the RV Lifestyle that so many of their customers have been living. The Holders remain as valuable advisors and product testers. Although they won’t be in the office very often, they have left the business in good hands with a team of experienced managers who are committed to continuing the tradition of exceptional quality, service and innovation that has been integral to AM Solar’s success.

Greg and Deb Holder started working with solar in 1987 as Alternate Means, selling and installing solar systems for a wide variety of applications including vacation cabins, RVs and even a monastery. Later, as the Holders’ focus turned to recreational vehicles, RV Solar Consultants was formed.

Seeing the demand for a device to regulate electrical current between solar panels and multiple battery banks, Greg worked with Heliotrope General to design the world’s first dual battery solar charger, the RV30. As orders were coming in, a fire destroyed the factory where the charge controllers were being manufactured. Instead of rebuilding, the owner sold the charge controller manufacturing rights to Greg as a percentage of gross sales, thus starting Heliotrope PV. These charge controllers were initially assembled by hand and later outsourced to electrical assembly factories. RV manufacturers were the primary market for the controllers, who without solar, were seeing batteries die while their vehicles waited in assembly line parking lots.

Over time, the expensive analog technology used in the Heliotrope controllers gave way to more efficient digital technology and Heliotrope PV was abandoned, but Greg’s foot was in the door and business was booming. In 2002 the Holders founded AM Solar and five years later, they moved into their custom constructed headquarters in Springfield, Oregon.

While growing AM Solar, Greg and Deb lived, worked and played for extended periods of time in their RV. They traveled throughout North America giving seminars at “Life on Wheels” events and attended various other rallies. During these adventures, Greg and Deb spent long periods of time boondocking in remote locations which helped them understand and appreciate the challenges associated with the RV lifestyle.

Over the years, AM Solar has installed power systems and RV solar kits on thousands of vehicles and built a respected reputation throughout North America.

The am solar way

  • Treat customers right

  • Treat each other right

  • have fun

  • build a strong business