Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhome power systems are built with the following considerations:

  • Moderate roof space allows for a couple of large panels.
  • The potential for high current alternator charging.
  • Heavy loads like air conditioners requiring large battery systems and inverter/chargers.
  • Battery capacity limited by what fits under the step, unless a storage bay can be sacrificed.

Battery Bank

1.  Select a battery bank:  The battery bank is the heart of the system. We recommend LifeBlue lithium batteries because of their ease of installation, high quality, and ability to expand over time. We typically recommend installing Lithium batteries in weatherized and ideally insolated compartments. This means that most step-bay are not recommended for lithium, and adjacent side bays or interior compartments are necessary. Additional battery bank options that will fit under the step include Lifeline AGM Dual 6V 220Ah batteries.

We sell LifeBlue batteries as a base kit, which includes one battery, a Victron BMV-712 battery monitor, cable, lugs, and heat shrink, plus expansion kits, which include one battery and parallel cables. For two batteries, select one base kit and one expansion kit. If you want three batteries, get one base kit and two expansion kits.

LifeBlue batteries come in three size configurations, choose what will fit best for your application.

100Ah: H 9.4″ x W 12.5″ x D 6.5″ 28lbs

200Ah: H 10.8″ x W 20″ x D 6.9″ 57lbs

300Ah: H 9.5″ x W 20.25″ x D 11″ 83lbs


If your plan is to run an air conditioner, you will get about 1 hour of runtime on a 15,000BTU A/C running at full per every 200Ah of lithium battery capacity. You will also need at least a 3000VA Inverter, an Easy Start Kit, and three LifeBlue batteries, which means relocating the battery bank to a bay or inside.

Do not let your lithium batteries get below -10° F. Lithium batteries will not charge below 32° F.

Estimated Installation Labor

200Ah LifeBlue Lithium System with BMV-712

10 hours / $1,450

  • LiFeBlue Lithium Battery Bank with BMV-712 Monitor

    This is a complete LiFeBlue lithium RV battery base kit with a Victron BMV-712 Bluetooth battery monitor. The monitor is included to provide cumulative battery bank data, compatible with Victron VRM monitoring. LiFeBlue offers the most comprehensive Bluetooth monitoring showing status, temperature, voltage,...

  • LiFeBlue Lithium Battery Expansion Kit

    This kit is designed to be an add-on to an existing LiFeBlue battery system. LiFeBlue offers the most comprehensive Bluetooth monitoring showing status, temperature, voltage, current, cycle life, battery health, faults and state of charge. These batteries can only be parallel connected due...


Other battery bank options:

  • Victron Lithium Battery System with Monitor (Single Battery)

    This kit is designed to work with one or two Victron lithium batteries. It does not use a Lynx Distributor to combine batteries. When adding alternator charging or DC distribution, be sure to use kits specifically recommended for Victron lithium batteries. This kit...

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Alternative Charging

2.  Alternator Charging: When upgrading to lithium batteries you will need to upgrade your battery combiner for alternator charging. Without this modification, the higher resting voltage of a lithium battery will trick the existing battery combiner relay into thinking the alternator is running and the lithium battery bank will be paralleled to the starter battery, even when the ignition is turned off. The result is lithium batteries draining into the starter battery until they crash to a dangerously low voltage or the lithium batteries’ internal BMS engages, preventing further discharge.

If you have a battery bank consisting of two LifeBlue batteries, and/or a smart alternator, you will need to use the Sterling Battery to Battery Charger. This keeps the charging current at a safe level and can be programmable for any battery chemistry. The Sterling Battery to Battery Charger can bring a battery up to 100% state of charge.

If you have a lithium battery system that can handle a charging current of 150A or more (three or more LifeBlue lithium batteries), and you do not have a smart alternator (here’s the Smart Alternator Test) you use the Victron Cyrix-Li-Ct battery combiner, variant “Lithium / 230A”. The Victron Cyrix-Li-Ct can quickly charge a lithium battery up to about 80% state of charge.

Neither device is needed if AGM batteries are used.

Estimated Installation Labor

Sterling Battery to Battery Charger
4 hours / $580

  • DC/DC Charging: Motorhome, Van, Skoolie

    Enable DC/DC charging from your alternator to a secondary Lithium, AGM or Flooded battery bank. This kit is ideal for van conversions and skoolies with older alternators or lithium batteries with input current limits under 100A. Ideal for: Vans, skoolies, motorhomes *Please note...

  • Victron Cyrix Battery Combiner

    Victron Cyrix battery combiners connect your house battery bank to your starter battery and alternator to allow alternator charging. Additionally, when a charge is applied to a house battery bank the Cyrix will close and allow current to flow to the starter battery....


Solar Charging

3.  Select solar charging system: Add a solar charging system that will fit on your roof.  As a rough rule of thumb, every 100W of solar will produce about 25Ah (or 300Wh) of charge per day.  If you have a solar pre-wire, check out section 3a of the Airstream page

For a complete explanation of everything you would want to know about how to design a solar charging system, check out our Solar Charger Design Guide

One of the most popular configurations for a Class C is two 200W solar panels on the 30A charge controller.

We recommend a minimum of 500W for any system with a residential refrigerator.

If you want to use a portable panel, we recommend oversizing the central charge controller so it can handle both the roof array and the portable panel.

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers are compatible with any battery type, can work on 12V or 24V battery systems, and communicate status via Bluetooth.\

Estimated Installation Labor

2x 200W on 30A Controller
12 hours / $1,740

  • Complete Solar Charger (30A)

    Communicates battery voltage and solar charge rate to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, Expandable up to 450W, Advanced MPPT charge controller delivers approximately 20% more energy than PWM, Combiner box covers roof penetration and allows for easy upgrades. This kit offers everything...

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Solar Charging Kits and Components:

  • Rich Solar 200W Solar Panel

    High wattage, using 6" cells, this panel is ideal for large systems where there is ample roof space. These modules come in a standard and higher-voltage version*. Please be sure to match your kit and/or module(s) to similar voltage profile modules. Please reach...

    • Wattage: 200W
    • Type: Monocrystalline
    • Nominal Voltage: 12V / 24V
    • Operating Voltage (Vmpp): 20.4V / 37.6V
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 24.3V / 45.4V
    • Operating Current (Impp): 9.80A / 5.32A
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 10.2A / 5.83A
    • Size: 58.7" x 26.8" x 1.38" 26.5lbs
    • Frame: Silver Anodized Aluminum
  • NOIR 100W Solar Panel

    Custom designed by Grape Solar for mobile applications, this 100W panel is ideal for Airstreams trailers, vans, truck campers, and any application where roof space is limited. The Grape Solar NOIR 100W panel comes in several kit variants.  Select the correct kit to...

    • Wattage: 100W
    • Type: Monocrystalline
    • Operating Voltage (Vmp): 19.1V
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 23.1V
    • Operating Current (Imp): 5.23A
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 5.59A
    • Size: 41" x 22" x 1.38" 15.4lbs
    • Frame: Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Zamp 170W Solar Panel

    Using 6" monocrystalline cells, this panel is ideal for large systems where there is ample roof space. Made in Bend, Oregon, United States Flash tested at 184W +/- 3% Zamp uses tempered, low iron, 3.2 mm, AR coated(which stands for anti-reflective) solar glass....

  • Dicor Sealant

    Dicor protects the VHB tape from the elements. Use it to seal around mount feet, cable management hardware and combiner boxes attached to roofs.


AC Input/Ouput

4.  Select an Inverter/Charger System:  The Victron Multiplus inverter/chargers combine an inverter and a charger in one unit.  They also offer PowerAssist, which means that they can combine shore power with battery power when necessary. Our kits come with everything you need to upgrade your motorhome.

For a Class C Motorhome, you will want kit variants that include the phrase “RV Upgrade Kit”.

The 3000VA inverter/charger is only slightly more expensive than the 2000VA and shaped differently. The 3000VA inverter/charger gives you the option of running an air conditioner or running multiple appliances at the same time, like a coffee pot and a microwave. Installation time is the same for both inverters.

In order to fully support the 3000VA inverter, you will need a battery bank that can handle 300A of current outflow or three LifeBlue batteries. A 3000VA will work on a smaller battery bank, but will only work like a 2000VA inverter if only two batteries are used.

If you plan on running an air conditioner, you will need the 3000VA inverter system with an Easy Start kit. If you plan on running two air conditioners, consider a 24V system with a Victron Quattro 5000.

Estimated Installation Labor

Multiplus Inverter (RV Upgrade Kit)
17 hours / $2,465


  • MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 - 120V Inverter/Charger

    The MultiPlus is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single enclosure. Rated at 2000VA. Note: Some Keurig coffee makers are known to be incompatible with inverters....

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  • MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger

    The MultiPlus is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. Rated at 3000VA. Note: Some Keurig coffee makers are known to be incompatible with...

    Please select your battery type for Multiplus programming
    If you selected "Other" for battery type above, please provide battery make, model, absorption/float voltage settings below
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Inverter/Charger kits and components:
EasyStart 364 Soft Start Kit

  • Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter Kit

    Victron Phoenix 1200VA Inverter Kit

    This kit includes all the standard components for the do-it-yourself installation of a Victron Phoenix 1200 inverter system.  This inverter offers Bluetooth communication compatibility through a dongle and is ideal for refrigerators, laptops, entertainment centers, and cell phone chargers. Wiring Diagram Due to...


DC Distribution

5.  DC Distribution:  This is only necessary if you are upgrading to a 24V battery bank, which would be very unusual in a Class C.

When using a 24V battery bank it is important to step down the voltage from 24V to 12V for DC loads.

Estimated Installation Labor

24V DC Distribution Kit
2 hours / $290

  • DC Distribution Kit for 24V Battery Systems

    This kit includes everything you need to connect a 12V DC distribution block to a 24V battery system. High power systems frequently require 24V battery banks. This kit steps the 24V from the batteries down to 12V for the DC loads. Wiring Diagram


6. Optional components and tools:  You may consider including these items in your purchase.

Tools – Make sure you have something equivalent to everything on the top row of this page.

Tech Support – Each kit comes with a set amount of free tech support, if you feel you may exceed that, you can purchase more here

  • Temperature Sensor for BMV-712

    Support from AMSolar is definitely 5 stars. 1st line of support for Victron equipment provided through distributors. AMSolar likely one of the best when it comes to RVs.

    Tom B

  • Zamp 2 Pole Plug, PV Side

    AM Solar is my “go to” website and store for all my solar needs. They provide technical advice to help ensure you are choosing the correct components. Their parts and connectors are high quality and come with heat shrink cabling to ensure a water tight connection.

    Bryan S

  • Zamp ATP Prep Kit – Male

    This is a nice kit to have. Everything needed to attach your panel to the zamp box. Very slick. Highly recommend.

    Steve S

  • Roof Wire Harness Acc. Kit

    I enjoy doing business with AM Solar. All the employees have been there a long time. They know and use the products the sell. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. They are the first company I turn to for my Airstream solar needs.

    Keith W