Our combiner box (C-Box) is custom made by AM Solar for efficiently combining solar panel output cables and sealing off a roof penetration.  It’s rugged and spacious design make installation and troubleshooting very easy.  It is the most efficient way to install a lot of solar with only a single penetrating hole through the roof.  It has eight possible ports and can use up to 2-gauge cable, which allows for installation of larger solar arrays.  We have installed as many as 16 solar panels (1600W) onto one roof using just one C-box (in 8 series pairs). It has a very small footprint for its available capacity, and it is sealed to ensure that it is completely waterproof.


Equipment Added:
8x SF180 Solar Panel Kits
1x Roof C-Box
1x Magnum PT-100 MPPT 240/100 Controller w/ 2ga Core
6x Lifeline AGM 4CT 6V 220Ah batteries
1x MSH3012M Inverter
1x ME-RC50
1x ME-BMK Battery Monitor