These clients were already very familiar with off-grid living before they came to us.  They own property that is completely off-grid, and they live there self-sufficiently.  In order to take their off-grid lifestyle mobile, they came to us to have a small mobile power system installed on their Wildwood trailer.  We installed 320W of solar power, a 220Ah battery bank and a 250W inverter, which is just enough DC and AC power to provide energy to meet their minimalistic needs.


Equipment Added:
2x 160W Solar Panel Kits
1x Victron Blue Solar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller
1x Victron MPPT Charge Control Monitor
2x AGM-GPL-4CT 6V 220Ah Battery Bank
1x Victron BMV-702 Battery Monitor
1x Daystar Meter
1x Victron Phoenix 12/250-120V Inverter Kit

AGM Batteries and BMV-702 battery monitor
AGM Batteries and BMV-702 battery monitor
Inverter and Charge Controller
Inverter and Charge Controller