One decision our clients have to make when setting up their RVs with solar power is what kind of battery bank they want.  Lifeline AGM batteries are very popular for this type of application, but we also offer Lithium batteries, which are the latest and greatest battery technology.  For this client we installed an 800Ah 12V Lifeline AGM battery bank.  A comparable lithium system would have cost over $6000, while this client paid around $2200 for their AGMs.  This is a very powerful system for someone who doesn’t want to spend the additional money on a Lithium system.


Equipment Added:
5x SF180 Solar Panel Kits
1x Roof Combiner Box
1x Victron BlueSolar Smart MPPT 100A Charge Controller Core
1x 3000VA Victron MultiPlus Inverter Kit
1x Color Control Monitor
4x 400Ah AGM GPL L16s 6V Batteries
1x Easy Start

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Charge Controller
Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Charge Controller
Victron Multiplus 3000VA Inverter
Victron Multiplus 3000VA Inverter